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Cheerleader Spankings at Central State (VHS)
What better than two pretty cheerleaders, a demanding coach, and a leering principal?

There are spankings galore in this wild, school-themed spankings romp. Watch as each girl gets spanked good and hard. Then, you can peer into their showers to see how they console one another!

A special surprise spanking is also instore for their coach, and completely naked spankings for the girls!

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$ 49.95
''Punished for Infidelity'' and ''Another Interview''
Format: DVD

In Part 1, we see that rural Russian villages do not tolerate a wife’s infidelity mildly. One such unfaithful girl is publicly spanked and birched while stark naked, by the village women. Part 2 shows the movie-makers’ interviews with models, who are undressed and soundly ass-smacked by both men and women.

$ 49.95
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