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Naked Violations (DVD)
It's back to the Reform School again! Three helpless, naked girls get a strong taste of a big leather sprap while secured to the punishment cross.

There is also a good, hard, bottom-welting caning. Just the kind we like to see!

Last but certainly not least, you get to watch the sexually explicit and highly degrading anal violation of the most prettily inoccent appearing girl in the movie!

$ 49.95
More Girls Getting Spankings
Watch 20 different girls, getting 20 different spankings! Each bares their bottoms, bends way over, and receives strict, strong punishment-style spankings. You'll watch this great variety of naughty girls getting spanked by hand, paddle, cane, leather strap and more. This is Episode 2 of our popular "Girls Getting Spankings" dvd.

$ 20.00
Spankings From Aunt Tina DVD
Bad Lad Entertainment
The Boys Get Spankings From the Girls!

Watch as three neighborhood brats finally push Aunt Tina and a visiting friend over the brink. Each is hand spanked until their asses are glowing red.

Next it's a strong dose of the    paddle, followed by good canings. One boy gets fucked right up his ass, for good measure!

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$ 49.95
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