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''A Cruel Father'' and ''Old School in Russia''
Format: DVD

In Part 1, we see that this father cares little for his daughter’s shame as he bares her below the waist, and spanks her very soundly over his knee. In Part 2, unruly schoolgirls are tied down to a bench and whipped with birch rods. The screams and desperate pleas begin very early in the punishment.

$ 49.95
Resolved by Corporal Punishment 17: Mallory (DVD)
Reality Spankings!

Mallory refused to pay for a steam cleaner she goofed up. Instead, her pretty, light-skinned ass will pay the piper, with 3 severe, intense spankings!

Extra DVD footage:
* Candid, all nude photo session
* Three Different Camera Angles to choose from during spankings
* Before and after spanking interviews and thoughts
* Spanking promos

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$ 49.95
Resolved by Corporal Punishment 02: Debbie • DOWNLOADABLE
Download the entire DVD, including swtchable camera angles and all bonus features.

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$ 49.95
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