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Spankin' Down the Highway 1 (Georgia/Tennessee) VHS
Formerly the Great American Spanking Roadshow, Part 1
Format: VHS

Richard and Tierre embark on an unecpected roadtrip and, of course, bring their cameras along for the ride.

Traveling from Saint Petersburg, Florida to Dayton, Ohio they find a    surprising number of comely young ladies who are willing to bare their bottoms for true punishment spankings in a Raven Hill Studios video!

$ 49.95
Spankin' Down the Highway 2: Kentucky/Ohio (DVD)
(Formerly "The Great Am. Spanking Roadshow" pt.2)

*Two Camera Angles for Spankings
* Extra, Never-Before-Seen Spanking Footage

Includes Real Mother SPANKING Real Daughter!!!

$ 49.95
SPANKIN' DOWN THE HWY 4 ''The Louisiana Lickin's at Mardi Gras'' (VHS)
Reality Spankings!

Episode 4 picks up where 3 left off! This time, its a dark-haired Houston girl who gets her haunches tanned. Then a beautiful blonde from Ohio gets naked, and gets spanked, hard.

Two different camera angles to witness the punishment!

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$ 49.95
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