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Spankin' Down the Highway 2 (Kentucky/Ohio) VHS
Formerly The Great American Spanking Roadshow, Part 2
Format: VHS

This segment picks up where we left off, in Kentucky. We stop at a campground, and find a real cutie to talk to.

Her boyfriend has gone down the road to get more cigarettes, so    we offer her cash to step into the RV and get spanked, good and hard!

After that, its up the road to Dayton, OH, where we encounter a real rarity: a REAL mother, getting ready to spank her REAL daughter!

Yep. It happens, and we get it all

$ 49.95
Spankin' Down the Highway 1 (Georgia/Tennessee) VHS
Formerly the Great American Spanking Roadshow, Part 1
Format: VHS

Richard and Tierre embark on an unecpected roadtrip and, of course, bring their cameras along for the ride.

Traveling from Saint Petersburg, Florida to Dayton, Ohio they find a    surprising number of comely young ladies who are willing to bare their bottoms for true punishment spankings in a Raven Hill Studios video!

$ 49.95
SPANKIN' DOWN THE HWY 4 ''The Louisiana Lickin's at Mardi Gras'' (VHS)
Reality Spankings!

Episode 4 picks up where 3 left off! This time, its a dark-haired Houston girl who gets her haunches tanned. Then a beautiful blonde from Ohio gets naked, and gets spanked, hard.

Two different camera angles to witness the punishment!

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$ 49.95
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