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  Beach Girl Spankings 05 (DVD)
Real Life Spankings!

Same description as VHS version. DVD includes photo gallery and spanking promos.

$ 49.95
Spanked For Their Mischief
Sherries Unwelcomed Sexual Advances Get Her and Her Girlfriend Humiliated, Spanked, and Violated.

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$ 49.95
  Beach Girl Spankings 01 (DVD)
Same description as for the VHS version.

DVD includes extras like complete photo gallery and spanking promos.

$ 49.95
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A Spanking Works Better - DVD
The Spanking Video that Started Raven Hill Studios!
Format: DVD

When his daughters ASK for spankings instead of groundings, this father drives home some very hard lessons.

Bonus DVD Features:

* Director's audio track, explaining scene set-up and obstacles
* Special mini-documentary on shooting the first Raven Hill movie
* Still photography gallery
* Promos

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$ 49.95
Because Rules Were Broken (DVD)
Format: DVD

AVN Magazine gives this spanking movie AAAA! "Pre-nom for Best Specialty DVD Award for Spanking category."
Same story as listed on VHS version but with more bonus footage, including:

* Behind-the-scenes spanking footage
* Spanking Outtakes
* Spanking Photo Gallery
* Spanking Promos

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$ 49.95
Naked Violations (DVD)
It's back to the Reform School again! Three helpless, naked girls get a strong taste of a big leather sprap while secured to the punishment cross.

There is also a good, hard, bottom-welting caning. Just the kind we like to see!

Last but certainly not least, you get to watch the sexually explicit and highly degrading anal violation of the most prettily inoccent appearing girl in the movie!

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$ 49.95
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