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Resolved by Corporal Punishment 15: Kirsten DOWNLOADABLE
Download the complete DVD. You receive the full, 3-camera-angle production of Kirsten getting her spankings. Plus, you get all the bonus footage, behind-the-scenes action, interviews and naked photo gallery.

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$ 49.95
Naked Violations (VHS)
Reform School administrators and staff have little patience with rule breakers. Three young girls earnestly wish they had never seen such an awful place where a mature girl can be spanked just like a naughty child!

Unwise insolence subjects these    three to canings, hairbrush spankings, naked restrained strappings, and sexual violation!

$ 49.95
More Girls Getting Spankings
Watch 20 different girls, getting 20 different spankings! Each bares their bottoms, bends way over, and receives strict, strong punishment-style spankings. You'll watch this great variety of naughty girls getting spanked by hand, paddle, cane, leather strap and more. This is Episode 2 of our popular "Girls Getting Spankings" dvd.

$ 20.00
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