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The Resolved Canings
20 girls were caned during the making of Raven Hill Studios' breakthrough series "Resolved by Corporal Punishment".

Now, you can have all the canings administered, ALL 20 of them, in an exclusive 2-DVD Set!

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$ 89.95
Resolved by Corporal Punishment 17: Mallory (DVD)
Reality Spankings!

Mallory refused to pay for a steam cleaner she goofed up. Instead, her pretty, light-skinned ass will pay the piper, with 3 severe, intense spankings!

Extra DVD footage:
* Candid, all nude photo session
* Three Different Camera Angles to choose from during spankings
* Before and after spanking interviews and thoughts
* Spanking promos

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$ 49.95
Spankings From Aunt Tina DVD
Bad Lad Entertainment
The Boys Get Spankings From the Girls!

Watch as three neighborhood brats finally push Aunt Tina and a visiting friend over the brink. Each is hand spanked until their asses are glowing red.

Next it's a strong dose of the    paddle, followed by good canings. One boy gets fucked right up his ass, for good measure!

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$ 49.95
Girls Getting Spankings (VHS)
Format: VHS Tape

Same product as DVD version.

A Terrific Value!

$ 20.00
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