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Resolved by Corporal Punishment 03: Trina (DVD)
Real Girl Spankings!
Trina skipped on the rent, was summoned to court. But we solved the matter by paying her landlord, and in return, Trina consented to three, hard, butt-searing spankings!
* Choose from 3 different camera angles during the spanking
* Extra photo galleries
* More
See more description at Resolved 3 Trina VHS section.

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$ 49.95
Cheerleader Spankings at Central State (DVD)

See description of VHS movie

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$ 49.95
Resolved by Corporal Punishment 23: Ana
DVD - Reality Spanking Series
Bonus Features include: 3 different camera angles to choose while viewing, behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, video of nude photo session, still photography gallery, spanking video trailers

Watch Ana get an over-the-knee hand spanking, a tough hairbrush spanking, and a slicing caning.

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$ 49.95
Reform House Punishments (DVD)
The spanking movie AVN Magazine says is "masterfully art directed and shot."

See the description listed for VHS version, but with Bonus DVD Features:

* Spanking Outtakes
* Performer behind-the-scenes footage
* Still Photography Gallery
* Spanking Promos

$ 49.95
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