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Direct Order Connection Inc.
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Boise, ID, 83713
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CT82 - Maxam® Knife Set with Cutting Board
Be a chef-on-the-go with this complete knife set which includes: chef's knife, slicer, boning knife, utility knife, and paring knife all are housed in a protective case with cutting board and sharpening steel. Polypropylene case measures 14-1/4" x 12-3/8" x 2". Limited lifetime warranty. $49.00 Open Stock Value. Color insert.
$ 32.95               More Information

MBSAIL Meyerco® Sailor's Knife
The marlinspike gives this one away as a sailor’s knife. Featuring blades and tools adapted to be used with marine rigging, the Meyerco® Sailor's Knife is versatile enough to be used on land. Stainless steel handle with engraved ruler, spike, honed blade, shackle key, and bottle/can opener work together to create a knife you’ll use regularly. Measures 3-3/4" closed, 6-1/8" open. Limited forever warranty. Clamshell.
$ 13.95         

MBSAIL2 Meyerco® Extra Large 5'' Sailor's Knife
Whether you’re using it on land or at sea, the Meyerco® Extra Large 5" Sailor's Knife is versatile enough to earn a place in any tool or gear bag. The Meyerco® boating and sailing knife is an extra-large 8-1/2" open, 5" closed. Featuring quality 440  stainless steel construction, a half-serrated blade with liner lock, built-in marlin spike, bottle/can opener, shackle key, belt clip, and a handle with a 3-1/2" ruler stamped on one side. Limited lifetime warranty. Clamshell.
$ 21.95         

MTPLIER- ''PliersPlus'' 14-Function Tool by Maxam
$ 12.95               More Information

SK383- - Maxam- 3-Blade Lockback Knife
Features Leymar™ handle, honed blade, saw blade, half-serrated blade with gut hook, and sheath. Measures 4-3/4" closed, 8-1/4" open. Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed.
$ 13.95         

SK7475-- Maxam-, Lockback Knife
This lightweight, easy one-handed opening knife will feel like a natural extension of your hand. The half-serrated blade is 420 stainless steel and the handle is lightweight Leymar™. The knife measures 4" closed and 6-7/8" open. Includes a stainless  steel clip. Flat area on handle great for pad printing corporate logos. Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed.
$ 5.95               More Information

SKBT1-- Maxam- Lockback Knife with Honed Blade
Features stainless steel handle for laser engraving. Measures 3-1/2" closed, 5-7/8" open. Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed.
$ 6.95         

SKCLASSIC-A- Maxam- 2pc. Lockback knife Set in Wooden Box
Set includes: one 5-1/8" lockback knife with honed blade, one 4-3/8" lockback knife with honed blade in magnetic gift box. Knives feature stainless steel blades, laminated wood handles and stainless steel bolsters. Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed.
$ 28.95         

SKEXEC2-- Maxam- Folding Lockback Executive Knife
Features stainless steel blade, bolsters and liners, and laminated wood handle with brass pins. Measures 4" closed, 6-7/8" open. Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed.
$ 14.95         

SKFIRE- Maxam- Fire Fighter Lock Knife with Clip and Thumbstud
Features clip and thumbstud. Measures 4-1/2" closed and 7-9/16" open. Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed.
$ 8.95         

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