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The Soap Shoppe
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What is your soap made of?

Our soaps are made entirely from vegetable oils. Olive oil comprises over fifty percent [50%] of our soap making oils and is complemented by Palm and Coconut oils. In addition, many of our soaps will contain a variety of nutrient oils and butters including Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel, Avocado, Castor, Vitamin E and Shea Butter. We do not use any animal fats or hydrogenated vegetable oils in crafting our soaps. You will find individual ingredient listings for each soap if you click on the ‘more information’ tab available with each of our products. 

How are your soaps scented?

We scent our soaps with either pure essential oils or high quality cosmetic fragrances. Essential oils are natural plant extracts and are distilled from botanicals grown all over the world. Cosmetic fragrances are man-made scents created to duplicate those aromas we all love, but that are not available through a natural organism i.e. lilac, raspberry, vanilla. Our products are labeled with each individual essential oil or fragrance, so you will be able to know exactly how each individual soap is scented. 

Do you color your soaps?

We currently do not use any colorants in our soaps, although you will see that our soaps come in a wide range of color hues. In addition to our base, nutrient and essential oils used in crafting our soaps, we also add a wide assortment of “extras” to our soaps. We complement our bars with a variety of dried botanicals including Lavender blooms, Chamomile flowers, Calendula, Thyme, and Peppermint leaf. We also add natural clays, seeds, spices, nuts, cornmeal, honey, loofah (a natural vegetable fiber), kelp, raw silk fibers and goats milk. Any colors, swirls or textures are achieved by using these wonderful ingredients from nature.

Are your soaps Vegan?

We do not use any animal fats in crafting our soaps; all of our oils are vegetable based. We do use honey and beeswax in a couple of our individual soaps as well as goat's milk in our Big Goat soap. The goat's milk that we use is from "girls" we know personally. They are owned by a neighboring farm and are free range milk goats. All of our soaps are 100% biodegradable and ecologically friendly.

How do you make your soaps?

Our soap is crafted by hand using a method called “Cold Process”. Cold process soap is made using the exothermic reaction of the lye and water mixture, along with the melted oils, to produce the heat necessary for the chemical reaction needed to produce soap. We create our soaps in small batches that are stirred by hand the 'old fashioned' way. Cold process soap requires several weeks to “cure” before being ready to use. Every bar of soap has undergone an extensive curing process of at least eight weeks. This "aging" period allows for the bars to become hard and mild. 

A well-cured bar will require a few uses before it is "broken in," and you experience its full and rich lather. All of our soaps are cruelty free and have not been tested on animals


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