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Afghan Cap: Karakul Karzai Real Sheep Fur/Afghanistan/Karzai/Cap Hat
Real Fur Afghanistan Karakul Karzai Cap
Made from Real Sheep Fur.
Very Soft to Touch. Folds Flat
In Coice of Grey, Black or Brown

Sizes available 8, 9, 10.
Select Size Here and Color on Check Out
Excellent Quality-Elegant Wear.
$ 45.00       Size               More Information

African Koofi/Kufi Cap Black 100% Leather Solid Plain
AFRICAN-100% Black Leather Koofi/Kufi Cap. Strong & Sturdy
Stitching-Quality Soft Leather.Plain Solid Black

Available in Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10. $19.95
$ 19.95       Size:               More Information

African Koofi/Kufi Cap Black 100% Leather-With Star Crescent Pin
BLACK AFRICAN-100% Leather Koofi/Kufi Cap.
Strong & Sturdy Stitching-
Quality Soft Leather. Comes with Removable/Movable Star Crescent Pin.
Wear it With or Without The Pin.
Available in Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10
$ 24.95       Size:               More Information

Kufi/Koofi Cap Fine Crochet Knitted/By The Dozen
Fine Thread Koofi/Kufi Cap. Stretchable Fits all adult sizes.
Special Pricing By The Dozen for Black or White Colors.
Imported from Turkey
$39.95 for box of 12
.Shown Black....Available In Choice of Black or White Colors
$ 39.95       Color Choice               More Information

Lace Cloth Combination Koofi/Kufi Cap #20-0006CL
Lace Cloth Combination Koofi/Kufi Cap
Feather Light & Available in White with White Lace in Size 12 Only.
If you have lots of hair this koofi is for you. $5.00
$ 5.00               More Information

Leather Head Wrap
100% Leather Head Wrap. One Size Fits All. Tie Back Strap.
Available in Black Only.
Reg. $19.95
$ 19.95               More Information

Thicker Yarn Thread Knitted Koofi/Kufi Rainbow Multicolor
100% Cotton Thicker Yarn Knitted Koofi. Stretchable-and will fit most adult sizes. Moisture absorbent 100% Coton Thicker Thread Yarn. Shown Rainbow Multicolor
$ 9.50               More Information

Turki Knitted Koofi/Kufi Cap From Turkey Dark Brown
Knitted Turki Koofi /Kufi Cap from Turkey
One Size Fits All. Available in Solid Colors: Black, Beigish Light Brown, Dark Brown, Dark Green or Grey. Shown Dark Brown
$ 9.95               More Information

Turki Knitted Koofi/Kufi Cap From Turkey Grey
Knitted Turki Koofi /Kufi Cap from Turkey
One Size Fits All. Available in Solid Colors: Black, Light Brown, Green or Grey.
$9.95 each.
Machine Washable-Shown Grey.
$ 9.95               More Information

Baluchi or Balauchi (aka Sindhi Cap) Multicolor Cap Design #4
This Balauchi Tribal Cap comes from the Provinces of Balauchistan(Bordering Iran) & Sindh of Pakistan. 
Colorful Embroidery on Black Background
Can be worn by Men or Women 
Arch Design Front 
Available in Size 8 only Will Fit Most Adults. 
Machine Washable.
ON SALE $6.95
$ 6.95               More Information

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