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6. Arabic-English Dictionary on DVD ROM
Now Available on 1 DVD ROM/ Lane's Arabic English Lexicon. All 8 Volumes
now available on One DVD (Pdf File) PC compatible.
An excellent aid for Learning Arabic Language
and for finding root for Arabic words in the Language.
A monumental work and contribution by Edward W.Lane to the Arabic Language..
$ 19.95         

Arabic for English Speaking Persons SET OF 3 CD ROMS
This Arabic Instructional set of 3 CD ROM is designed for those who do not read, write or speak Arabic. The set includes Alphabets, Numbers, Prnounciations, Verbs, Nouns,`Pronouns, sentence formation and more. Set of 3 CDs Rom
$ 29.95               More Information

Complete Recitation of the Holy Quran Computer CD
This computer CD includes two separate recitation of the Holy Quran by Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais and Sheikh Saud Al-Shurain.
Also included, English, Spanish, French and German Translation of the Holy Quran.
As a bonus also included are Duas (Prayers), Collection of Hadith (Traditions) , Nasheed (Praise Songs), Adhan (Call to Prayers) Software & More.
This CD is FREE. The price shown covers the cost of mailing/shipping and handling world wide. You will need a PC to run this CD
$ 5.50               More Information

Eighty Duas/Prayers of Prophet Muhammad (Audio CD)
Inculudes Arabic with English Translation. Audio CD.
$ 9.50               More Information

Forty Hadiths on Audio CD
Includes Arabic with English Translation.
$ 9.50               More Information

Instructional CD ROM (3 CD set) for Memorizing The Holy Quran
Complete Instructions for Memorizing the Holy Quran. Set of 3 CD ROM. for PC
$ 29.95               More Information

Islamic Lectures Video Collection on DVD
A Collection of Islamic Lectures-Debates-Educational. ON DVD
$ 15.00       Title-Subject         

Islamic Prayer Instructions Video DVD
Instructions in English on How to Pray
Choice of VHS Tape or DVD.
$ 15.00       DVD Or VHS TAPE               More Information

Islam's Answer To ''The New World Order'' DVD
Deedat Debate Series: Islam's Answer to"The New World Order" A Lecture By Ahmed Deedat on DVD.
$ 14.00               More Information

Muhammed-The Natural Successor to Christ/Pamphlet & DVD Set
A Discussion by Ahmed Deedat
Pamphlet 71 Pages
+ And Lecture By Ahmed Deedat on DVD
$16.50 Set
$ 16.50               More Information

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