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Enhanced Foal Training. This exciting method is the next step in foal train

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Well the foals here or almost here. Youíve probably 
thought about Imprinting him/her, but then what? 

Created by Allen Pogue, Enhanced Foal Training 
begins shortly after birth in conjunction with traditional 
imprinting because foals are ready, willing and able to 
learn shortly after birth. 

You donít have to be a professional trainer to achieve 
these results. Our staff has personally used these 
methods, and the results are amazing. Our horses are 
easier to train under saddle, respectful,
highly intelligent and most importantly, adaptable. 
They are also better behaved, and more patient than
our grown horses.

Enhanced Foal Training includes non-stressful 
exercises and challenges that are fun and infuses
trust while creating a lasting bond between foal and handler. 

The logic of this innovative method stems from shaping useful behaviors and good manners from young horses' natural instincts. The foals 'learn how to learn' at a very early age when handling   them is easy and safe. These learned skills promote respect for the handler and easily transfer to the young horses 'higher education'. Regardless if you?re a backyard breeder for fun or breeding top level performance horses, this method will help ensure the best results. 

Enhanced Foal Training has been acknowledged in equine magazines all over the world From Japan and Australia to Greece and Hungary, the Middle East and all of central Europe. The reason is simple, the method works and has been proven time after time to produce sensible, willing and respectful young horses whose talent for engaging with humans is carried to a level never even thought possible. 

Allen is a guest lecturer at Texas A&M University
where for the last two years he has been presenting 
his techniques for training young horses to the Animal 
Behavior Science undergraduate classes. This spring he 
will be a featured lecturer during the open house for the 
College of Veterinary Medicine's yearly open house. 

Come watch one of the worlds premiere trainers, 
as he shows you how to get the same results in 
your barn as he does in his. VHS tape.