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RA223R2 64 gr. Ranger .223 Power-Point 20 round box

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Symbol Number: WINCHESTER RA223R2

Caliber: .223 REM

Case: Brass

Bullet: 64 grain Power Point - Knurled

Primer: Winchester 116F-864

Primer Sealant: Water  resistant lacquer

Case Mouth Sealant: None

Case Knurl: None

Propellant: BALL POWDERŪ

Headstamp: Each loaded cartridge shall be headstamped with the manufacturer's symbol and appropriate cartridge designation.

Lot Identification: Ammunition is assigned a unique identification number to include the day, month of mfg.Rapid, controlled expansion. Penetrates thin skin, light muscle and bone. 

When faxing, mailing, or emailing your Ammunition order Requirements, please include your order number. Please send the above information to:

Mail: Mike Holtorf. 1 Marvins Garden, WhiteHall, IL 62092 

Fax: (888) 563-6327


*Orders will not be processed without the proper Identification information received. **If you wish to ensure a speedy processing of your order, you may phone or email our sales staff to verify whether this information is already on file for you.