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Federal Tactical 12ga TruBall Deep Penetrator Rifled Slug

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Tactical® TruBall® Deep Penetrator Rifled Slug Engineered to be one tough projectile, the hard copper-plated lead TruBall® Deep Penetrator rifled slug achieves deeper penetration, improved accuracy and high weight retention. This innovative three-piece slug system is designed to stop whatever comes in its tracks. From vehicles stops in the inner city to bear encounters in the Alaskan wild, it’s protection is tough enough.

• Load No. - PB127 DPRS 
•Gauge - 12 
•Shell Length     Inches/MM - 2 3/4 / 70 
•Slug Weight Ounces/Grains 1 / 438 
•Slug Type - TRUBALL® Deep Penetrator Rifled Slug 
EXTREME SPREAD: (TYPICAL): 4” E.S. at 50 yards in test barrel
Muzzle: 1350 

The ammo is restricted by Federal to Law Enforcement sells only. This is Federal's rules not the law.

All Ammunition customers must be: 21 years of age or older, Never convicted of a felony and have read, completed, and understand the following Ammunition Requirements. All first time ammunition customers (who are not Licensed FFL Dealers) must Fax, Email, or Mail a copy of his/her State issued Drivers License or                       State Identification to verify date of birth. This must be completed Before, or at the time order is placed*. If your State of Residence requires a separate state issued license to purchase ammunition, then a        copy of this state issued   document must be faxed before an order for ammunition will be processed. When faxing, mailing, or emailing your Ammunition order Requirements, please include your order number. Please send the above information to:

Mail:  Mike Holtorf. 1 Marvins  Garden, WhiteHall, IL 62092 

Fax: (888) 563-6327


*Orders will not be processed without the proper Identification information received. **If you wish to ensure a speedy processing  of  your  order, you may phone or email our sales staff to verify whether this information is already on file for you.