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RA9115HP+ Winchester 9mm 115gr +P+ jhp 50 rounds
$ 21.62          sold out      More Information

RA9124TP 9mm 124 gr. +P Ranger T-Series 50 rounds

$ 29.95               More Information

RA9B Winchester Ranger Bonded 9mm 147gr 50 rounds
It is not the PDX1 style bullet.Winchester Ranger ammo can only be purchased by.
$ 32.95          sold out      More Information

RA9BA Winchester Ranger Bonded Series 9mm 124gr +P 50 rounds

$ 32.95          sold out      More Information

RA9T Winchester Ranger T-Series 9mm 147gr 50 rounds
$ 29.95               More Information

RA9TA Winchester Ranger 9mm T-Series 127gr +P+ 50 rounds
$ 29.95          sold out      More Information