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Gift Certificate

Sold in 5.00 increments. No expiration date.Can be mailed directly to the recipient at no cost.

$ 5.00               More Information

Golden Saber Bonded 165 gr 40 50 rds Close out price
$ 16.95               More Information

Hornady 8126N 5.56 NATO 75 gr. BTHP T2 TAP
The T2 bullet profile is specifically designed to optimize function and feeding in M16/M4 variant guns. The cartridge’s propellant technology is custom designed to enhance weapon operation, and delivers phenomenal temperature stability. The cases are manufactured to mil-spec hardness and feature staked and sealed primers and sealed case mouths. 

NOTE: NOT for use in 223 REM chambered guns. 

Intended for use in and performs optimally in a 1:9" twist barrel. 

*All 5.56 NATO ballistics g
          sold out      More Information

RA12009 Low Recoil Buckshot 12 Gauge - 00 Buck
$ 3.98               More Information

RA223M 69 gr. Ranger .223 Match HPBT
Winchester Ranger ammo can only be purchased by LE.
          sold out      More Information

Tula 7.62x39mm Soft Point , 124 Grain, 1000 rounds shipped

For superlative value for range use, TulAmmo USA ammunition is a prime choice. This is high-quality ammunition that is steel cased, non-corrosive and non-reloadable.

Caliber: 7.62x39 
Bullet Type: Jacketed Soft Point
Grain Weight: 124
  Rounds: 20
FPS: 2330 

$ 230.00               More Information