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Headmaster Blake Stingings The (DVD)

$ 49.95               Back

Mr. Blake is so proud of his assistant, Stephanie.

She helps him grade papers. She helps him keep tabs on students. And, she even helps him discipline the girls!

Curvy Melissa and sweet Wren pay the price when Stephanie overhears them plotting. Both must go way over Mr. Blake's knee, have their school skirts raised and their panties pulled down, to receive lengthy bare-butt spankings.

But Stephanie feels that these two girls haven't received enough punishment. She convinces Mr. Blake that they should be spanked further, using his red wooden paddle.

Soon, its Stephanie cracking both of their behinds with the paddle, until their asses are blotched with red marks.

But when Melissa and Wren later find out about Stephanie's shoplifting escapades at the local department store, its curtains for Stephanie.

First, Mr. Blakes spanks the daylights out of her butt in the classic over-the-knee position. Then, Mr. Blake sends Wren out to retrieve his wooden paddle.

Stephanie feels the full measure of pain that this spanking instrument can deliver. The redness of her embarrassed face is surpassed only by the deeper color red of her schoolgirl ass.

But that's not all for this naughty schoolgirl. Mr. Blake decides this naughty assistant needs the sting of the cane. He positions her over her own school desk, raises the cane high behind her, and swooshes it down time and time again, striping the girl's ass with painful, stinging strokes.

This is a great schoolgirl spanking fantasy you'll watch over and over again.