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Resolved by Corporal Punishment 20: Allison

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Allison moved into a rental house that has a swimming pool. Not knowing how to keep the water blue, she contracted with a weekly cleaning service which kept the pool sparkling clean.
They also sent her monthly bills for their services.
Thinking that the owner of the house was supposed to pay for the pool service, Allison ignored the bills, until finally, the pool cleaning company stopped coming, the pool turned green, and papers arrived, informing Allison she was to appear in Small Claims Court to face a judge.
Without funds to fight, Allsion consented to our way of solving the problem: Weíd pay the company, and make them go away... but Allison would have to receive three, five minute spankings at Raven Hill.
This petite girl was bashful, soft-spoken and shy when she explained the dilemma. But, knowing court was the only option, she, albeit reluctantly, pulled her jeans down and crawled over the knee to receive her first hand spanking.
Youíll delight at the reactions displayed during this first part of her punishment. She winces and cries with almost every slap.
With her ass sufficiently reddened, the punishment moves to phase II, which invloves a strong dose of the wooden paddle.
This swatting deepens the color and soreness of Allisonís pretty bottom, and each blast draws tears from her eyes. Her rump is truly scorched after this part of the ordeal.
Next itís on to the caning. Allsion humbly bends far over the desk, sticks her feet out far behind, and readies her bottom for the searing strokes. As each one drives into her already damaged ass flesh, Allison flinches, shrieks then sobs to attempt to withstand the intense pain. This is a girl who is completely humiliated by the end of her punishment.
Itís yet another case Resolved by Corporal Punishment, and Allison vows to always pay attention to renterís responsibilities in the future.