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Resolved by Corporal Punishment 05: Tara (VHS)

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She moved out, but a month later, her roommate got the phone bill. Tara had rung up several hundred dollars worth of long distance charges. Tara felt, though, that it wasn't really her responsiblity since the phone wasn't in her name, and she was actually doing her roommate a favor by moving out, allowing her roommate more space to be with her boyfriend.

This kind of twisted logic is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

And her roommate agreed. If she didn't pay the amount owed for the use of the phone, Small Claims Court was to be in Tara's future.

We stepped in, and contacted both parties. We offerred to settle the matter with Tara's roommate, and get the court case dismissed, if Tara would, in return, come to Raven Hill Studios and receive her just punishments: three, five-minute bare botommed spankings, on camera.

After much protest, hemming and hawing, and downright arguing, Tara agreed that spankings would be much better than facing a judge, and having a record of being in court.

Perky and cute, Tara showed up promptly, and was prepared for what she thought would be an easily tolerable, mildly embarrassing ordeal.

Right from the "git-go" though, Tara, and the Raven Hill crew knew this was going to be quite painful for the poor girl. After just the first few hand smacks of her over-the-knee spanking, Tara's eyes were wide with shock, surprise and a feeling of terror.

This was a girl who hadn't experienced such humiliation, or formal butt punishment as what was    being dished out. She cried and cried, and as her ass grew more red with every swat, Tara pleaded for mercy.

None was shown.

It took several minutes following the hand spanking for Tara to recover and compose herself. Many times, it appears she would not be able to withstand the more severe spanking instruments that laid in waiting for her tender bare butt.

Hesitantly, Tara bends and juts her bottom out to receive the stinging lashes of the heavy leather strap. The first whipstroke lands with a smack, and Tara reacts with utter shock.

Then the tears flow, and the pleading resumes. But no mercy can be shown, and this poor girl is subjected to a barrage of leather lashes that fiercly tear-up her ass. Loudly crying, Tara eventually gives up, and accepts the stinging whipping, sobbing tears and shuddering her entire body.

But its not over yet.

Tara needed quite a bit of time following her strapping. Her bottom was quite torn and tattered. We convinced her, though, that submitting to the final punishment -- a caning -- would finally resolve this matter, and her hell would be over.

Tara was made to bend completely over the desk, stretch her arms out in front, and stick her bottom out. The trusty cane did its duty faithfully. And, once again, Tara experienced shocking pain that made her cry, whimper, scream, and beg for mercy.

But the girl was caned properly, leaving her completely broken, with a hurting, red striped bottom.

If you're curious about what its like to witness the severe spanking punishment of a pretty girl, this video will answer your questions. This is VERY intense, REAL-LIFE spanking footage.