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Getting It From Coach Thomas (DVD)
Bonus: Behind-the-scenes footage, spanking promos, still photo gallery, performer interviews, cheeky cheerleader routine.

Three very attractive cheerleaders ask the football coach for some help in jump-starting their efforts to become top performers for an upcoming cheerleader competition.

Guess what the coach's remedy for their laziness is! You bet,
good hard spankings on their pretty bare-bottoms, right over the ol' coach's knee!

$ 49.95               More Information

Girls Getting Spankings (DVD)
Format: DVD

If you like variety, this is the video for you! You get to watch 20 different girls, getting 20 different spankings. Each gets their pretty bottom reddened, blistered and welted from a variety of spanking instruments like paddles, canes, leather straps, hairbrushes and more.
   This is a wonderful collection. And a real value. Don't miss this opportunity to own so much punishment-style spanking action.
$ 20.00         

Headmaster Blake Stingings The (DVD)
Its time for Headmaster Blake's snotty, scheming assitant to get the spankings she's been missing out on. 

After setting up her two classmates to receive stinging spankings and paddlings, Stephanie gets caught in a whole bunch of lies and feels what its like to go over Mr. Blake's knee, bend for the paddle, and get a good, hard caning. 

Bonus: Still Photo Gallery, Spanking Promos
$ 49.95               More Information

Naked Violations (DVD)
It's back to the Reform School again! Three helpless, naked girls get a strong taste of a big leather sprap while secured to the punishment cross.

There is also a good, hard, bottom-welting caning. Just the kind we like to see!

Last but certainly not least, you get to watch the sexually explicit and highly degrading anal violation of the most prettily inoccent appearing girl in the movie!
$ 49.95         

Paddling the Football Cheerleaders (DVD)
See movie description of VHS version.

DVD Bonus Features:
* Photo Gallery
* Extra Cheerleader Spanking Footage
* Spanking Promos
$ 49.95               More Information

Punishment Day (DVD)
Watch as cult leader Adrian administers it hard to one pretty novice. Then, an advanced cult member, one who has now learned a more accepting approach to the painful discipline, gets her firm, tight bottom spanked severely, satisfying exactly the desire she has yearned for.

DVD Bonus Features:
* XXX-rated Scene Featuring Spanking Starlet from Movie
* Photo Gallery
* Spanking Promos

(see VHS description for more info.)
$ 49.95               More Information

Reform House Punishments (DVD)
The spanking movie AVN Magazine says is "masterfully art directed and shot."

See the description listed for VHS version, but with Bonus DVD Features:

* Spanking Outtakes
* Performer behind-the-scenes footage
* Still Photography Gallery
* Spanking Promos

$ 49.95         

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 01: Rachel (DVD)
Same as description for Resolved 01 Rachel VHS version
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 02: Debbie (DVD)
Real-Life Spankings!

Debbie doesn't want to go to court. So instead, we pay her obligation off, and she gets it good!
* Three different camera angles!
* Photo Gallery
* More
See expanded description on Resolved 2, Debbie, VHS version.
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 03: Trina (DVD)
Real Girl Spankings!
Trina skipped on the rent, was summoned to court. But we solved the matter by paying her landlord, and in return, Trina consented to three, hard, butt-searing spankings!
* Choose from 3 different camera angles during the spanking
* Extra photo galleries
* More
See more description at Resolved 3 Trina VHS section.
$ 49.95               More Information

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