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Cheater Gets the Whipping (DVD)

$ 49.95               Back

Discovering that a wife has been cheating is one of the most devastating experiences a man can ever have. New heights of anger are reached. A hollow feeling sets-in, deep inside, and thought of revenge get crazier and crazier.

One man’s way to deal with his discovery is most interesting. He’s hired two individuals to abduct his wife, and teach her a lesson, by beating her ass! And, he wants to “hide in the weeds” and watch the revengeful act unfold.

The guys he’s hired are indeed brazen. They simply follow her down the street in their car, in broad daylight. When the time is right, they jump out, grab her, and throw her into the back seat.

Naturally, the girl struggles, kicks and tries to scream, but it’s to no avail. Eventually, she is laid face down, her skirt is hiked up, and her naughty, cheating bottom is revealed. Since it’s already in the perfect position, the “hired hand” decides to begin the spanking punishment right in the car as they drive away!

The sharp handspanks produce red handmarks all up and down her tight butt. And it stings, too. She tries to turn away, and attempts to cover her bottom with her hands. But the tight quarters of the back seat, and the strength of her punisher are stubborn obstacles.

The car speeds down the road, and the girl gets her ass spanked but good. And, all the while, a tiny surveillance camera transmits the sordid images to a salivating husband who relishes the unfolding event.

The car comes to a stop at a remote location, and the girl is roughly pulled into remote building. Here, she will experience even more spanking punishment, revenge for her cheating ways.

Now, pulled over another’s knee, this poor girl gets a nice, lengthy bare-bottom spanking that piles welt upon stinging, smarting welt. All her cries and begs for mercy are laughed at, and ridiculed. The spanking just keeps going on.

Hiding in a closet, and peering through a hole in the wall, the offended husband now licks his lips with glee,    enjoying every lick his cheating wife receives. This is good revenge for what that little bitch pulled on him.

After her ass has been completely reddened, the humiliated girl is thrown onto a bed, where, while held down by another, a severe belt whipping begins. This leather rips-up her ass flesh severely. Lash after lash bites into her butt, leaving the tell-tale marks of a good thrashing. 

Begging for mercy only gets her another round of punishment.

She is stood up, then bend way over, with her ass fully exposed. Behind her she can hear the swishing sound made by a strong, bamboo cane. Her hearth sinks as she realizes her bottom is about to be striped and welted mercilessly.

Swish-whack, swish-whack, swish-whack. The first three full force strokes are driven into the already bruised fanny. Bright red stripes appear quickly, marking the impacts of each blast.

The caning goes on and on, all to the delight of the husband, watching from his clandestine perch. By the time this ordeal is finished, the girl learns the heavy price that must be paid when perpetrating a betrayal of this magnitude. For cheating on her husband, this girl deserved every last lick she received.