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Rodding the Wentworth Girls (VHS)

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The Schorchings at Wentworth
Raven Hill Studios

As our story unfolds We learn that pretty, baby-faced Cindy is the student aide to lovely Paula Everett, Head of Studies at Wentworth Academy. One fateful afternoon, Cindy's pal and older classmate Angela, reports to Ms. Everett office and is soundly spanked for smoking in the school lavatory.

Just outside the door, Cindy listens to the commotion inside with a mixture of fear and excitement! She wonders what it would be like to be in Angela's position, kicking and crying over her mentors knee.

The fresh faced cutie has a secret crush on her attractive teacher and she nervously decides to become a spanked girl! The next afternoon Cindy visits Ms. Everett and haltingly explains her needs.

Paula Everett is clearly excited by this prospect and wastes no time in granting her young aide's request. Cindy at first enjoys the warm squirmy feeling of being half naked on Her teachers lap and the exciting caresses on her nude bottom. But, when Paula Everett's hand snaps down on Cindy's trembling cheeks the poor girl howls in pain that gets worse and worse as the spanking progresses. In the following five minutes Cindy learns that spankings are not at all the kind fun she thought they would be!

Comparing notes later, Angela and Cindy work up their tempers about what they feel are unnecessairly harsh punishments. Then, unwisely, they plot to get even with their strict teacher.

Paula Everett, wise in the ways of devious young women, easily evades their poorly conceived plan and presents the two with a couple of unpleasant options: Be expelled and sent home, or present their bare-bottoms for an immediate caning!

Knowing how their parents would feel about expulsion, Cindy and Angela reluctantly lower their panties and bend over their teachers desk.

The caning that follows is rapid and viciously cutting. Both girls lose all semblance of dignity and howl in helpless protest!

The Scorchings at Wentworth is a richly satisfying movie with unusually attractive performers, that we know you will enjoy!