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Caught and Spanked! (VHS)

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CAUGHT AND SPANKED! (Raven Hill Studios)
Format: VHS

Its bad enough that these girls have to attend Vo Tech. What makes it worse is that they actually have to do some work!

These three party girls are just taking the classes to keep their mothers from bitching at them. They didn't know that they were actually expected to perform construction and carpentry skills at an actual job site.

When their horseplay gets a little out of hand, the foreman puts the kibash to the silliness by ordering each of them to come forward, take their jeans down, and scoot across his knee. Then, he proceeds to spank them hard, like little girls, for the tom foolery.

But party girls will be party girls, and when left alone to fulfill an assignment, the girls turn to beer drinking instead.

The foreman, discovering the latest "unsafe" activity, assigns them the task of making a spanking paddle out of a length of wood.

With very little woodworking sense, the girls fashion a somewhat crude paddle. But, as they soon find out, crude as it is, it works quite well when striked HARD against each of their naked ass cheeks!

The girls line up, side by side, and, once again, drop their drawers. This time, though, they're bend over a saw horse, and before long, they feel many more of the foreman's swats to their bottoms.

While two of the girls vow to not get into trouble again, the third girl has revenge on her mind. That night, she sneaks into the job site and destroys much of the supplies and materials. But, naturally, she gets caught, and then submits to one of the longest, and most painful bare bottommed spankings ever.