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The Forbidden Room

$ 49.95               Back

Gina thinks her boyfriend has a silly fetish.

He’s outfitted one of the bedrooms of their apartment with a host of spanking instruments: paddles, straps, spanking benches, whips, canes and the like. Gina laughs whenever the subject comes up. She believes it’s childish.

When Gina’s friend Kathy visited one afternoon, the girls began discussing sexual fetishes. That’s when Gina revealed her boyfriend’s passion: authentic spanking.

“No, he has never spanked me,” said Gina, “but I know he’d like to! I just haven’t given him the chance.”

Kathy wanted to see the room, and the stuff inside. So, against her boyfriend’s “rules,” Gina stole the key from Kenny’s desk drawer, and the two girls ventured inside.

At first, it seemed bizarre. The girls hadn’t seen paddles and canes like these since they were in school together, years before, when spankings were quite in style. Before long, each was examining the paddles and whips, rubbing their fingers along the smooth edges and leathery fringes. A certain excitement began to tingle inside both Gina and Kathy.

“Let’s try it!” said Kathy, with a mischievous grin. “You can spank me!”

Kathy bent herself over, and lowered her pants. Gina, gingerly, approached her girlfriend’s beautiful bare ass. She teased it, rubbing the paddle across the girl’s goose-bumped flesh. Then, “whack!!!!” wooden paddle smacked into Kathy’s butt.

“Oooooh!” she squealed. “That was kind of fun!”

“Oh, I just think it’s silly,” said Gina. “But Kenny would probably love it.”

What took place next spiraled into a stripping, spanking, paddling, whipping and caning experiment, with each girl taking her turn, receiving and giving some real, ass-reddening spankings.

But the surprise was about to happen, as Kenny showed up, unannounced, home early from work. When he discovered the girls giggling and laughing about his “chamber” and the spanking paddles and whips inside, he was furious.

It was obvious. Neither of these girls respected    spankings. It was time they learned what discipline was all about, and they needed to pay for breaking his one and only rule about visiting his chamber without permission.

Kenny doles out some impressive spankings, putting these two naked girls through their paces well. Both Gina and Kathy lose their grins immediately when sizzling swats blast into their unprepared butts.

This is a full hour and a half of excellent spanking and humiliation punishment, served up by a man who really loves to spank naughty girls’ asses.

They won’t make fun of Kenny’s fetish ever again.