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You'll Both Be Spanked Today

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It was a misunderstanding.

Jennifer and Natasha just wanted to make some fast cash. They answered an ad to appear in a video that would include spankings. It all sounded innocent enough, and the money was good.

During the interview process, you can see the girls seem unfazed by the what’s being described to them. It doesn’t sound that bad, and, the girls have experienced spankings in their pasts, so its not that it will be a totally new experience. The only weird
difference, they expect,    is that a couple of other people will be watching their spankings.

But then there’s the surprise: Today’s meeting will not just be an interview, the girls will need to get spankings to prove they can withstand the rigors of the movie!

Looks of apprehension quickly appear on the girls’ faces. Natasha is selected to “tryout” for the spankings first. Taking a deep breath, she rises and leaves the room with the “producers,” walking to another area of the studio.

The first punishment she will have to suffer will be a paddling. Natasha gets to leave her jeans on for the first part of the lickin’. Even so, you can see her react from the force of each swat. After her spanker feels she is sufficiently “warmed up,” Natasha is told to take her jeans and panties off for the remainder her paddling.

Now, naked from the waist down, Natasha bends back over and immediately, sharp stinging swats from the leather paddle blast into her reddened ass. From there, she’s pulled across his knee and the paddling continues. She now screams and shrieks as each swat is delivered.

To intensify the punishment, a leather belt is produced, then whipped into Natasha’s sore butt. To finish the young girl off, a nice, long hand spanking takes place.

Meanwhile, Jennifer nervously awaits her turn. From where she sits, she cannot hear a peep, but she can imagine what her spanking is going to be like. The last time she got one, it hurt bad.

Now, it’s her turn. Jennifer gets to leave her panties on for the first part of her paddling. But soon after, the panties are removed, revealing a nicely reddened ass. The young lady jerks forward upon receiving each swat, and the red blotches that a paddle will produce start to reveal themselves on her ass cheeks.

The paddling goes on until Jennifer’s bottom is completely damaged.

Now it’s time to see both girls getting it together!