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Daddy's Friend Spanks Harder (DVD)

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Some parents are too weak, or simply afraid to exercise proper discipline Ė spankings Ė to unruly daughters. Thatís the dilemma faced by Shellyís parents.

Since she turned 19 years old, Shelly disregarded all the house rules, staying out late, ignoring her chores, and, in general, running amuck.

But Mom and Dadís old discipline methods Ė groundings, phone restrictions, etc. Ė would not correct these latest problems. A good lickiní would probably send the right message, but neither parent had ever exercised that option, and didnít have the nerve, gumption or stomach for such corporal punishment.

Thatís where Dadís co-worker Gus comes in. He raised his kids on sound spankings, and upon hearing about Shellyís behavior, he offered to help out. Heíd be more than happy to deliver the discipline Shelly needed.

The plan was hatched. This weekend, Shelly would finally get the spankings she so richly deserved.

Finding out that her parents would be out of town for the weekend, Shelly made all kinds of plans. This would be a perfect weekend for more running wild. And the parties she could go to were going to be incredible.

Knock, knock.

Someone was at the door.

Thinking its one of her friends, Shelly bounces to the door.

Surprise! Itís not one of her out-of-control friends. Itís her fatherís co-worker Gus, and seizing the opportunity, he pushes his way right inside the house, grabbing Shelly by the wrist on the way in.

In a matter of moments, Shelly is informed of her motherís and fatherís decision: Shelly will suffer the pain and humiliation of real, genuine, bare-bottomed spankings.

Wasting no time, Gus drags Shelly into her own bedroom, latches onto her own wooden hairbrush, and decides this will be this girlís first spanking. Gus holds her down, pulls her underwear down, and starts to deliver sharp, snapping swats to Shellyís tight bottom.

The poor girl twists and turns, trying to avoid the smacks, but itís no use, Gus is simply too strong for her. Shelly must simply moan, cry and whimper as the hairbrush turns her alabaster-colored ass cheeks to a glowing red color.