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A Spanking From Mr. Ruppi (DVD)

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Mr. Ruppi has operated his own light manufacturing plant for over 12 years. He treats all his employees well with fair wages, ample vacation days, and a generally relaxed atmosphere.

All he demands is that his employees respect his business, work    a good day’s work, and, for understandable safety reasons, keep drugs and alcohol outside of the plant.

Paula is a little different. She used to work at a place where taking a nip out of a bottle was not a big deal! She is soon going to find out that things at Mr. Ruppi’s plant aren’t quite as free-wheeling!

Paula works in the front office, so most of the guys can’t really see what she’s up to for most of the day. And Mr. Ruppi, after sitting at his desk throughout the morning, goes out to the production floor for the afternoon, helping his workers with any problems that might occur. He needs to keep that assembly line running smoothly.

When Mr. Ruppi exits – at about 1:30 – the coast is clear for her to enjoy a couple of nice cold cans of beer, stashed conveniently under her desk. It works like a charm. Mr. Ruppi leaves, and doesn’t poke his head back in until nearly 5:00. It’s like that every day!

Except today.

Right as Paula cracked open her second can, Mr. Ruppi came back into the office to retrieve a purchase order. BUSTED!

Paula gulps hard, because that’s probably the last gulp of beer she’s going to enjoy at this job. Mr. Ruppi is appalled. 

“Don’t you know the safety hazards of having alcohol in this plant?” asks Mr. Ruppi.
“Don’t you know about insurance regulations?”

Paula is given a choice. Resign her position immediately, and never come back. Or submit to a proper punishment for violating the rules and putting the entire plant at risk.

Thinking it through, she really needs this job. And, she knows she did wrong.

Accepting the punishment, Paula is marched right back into the workshop area of the plant. There, Mr. Ruppi begins to teach the girl a good lesson. You’ll watch as he first bends Paula forward, over a work table, bares her ass, and spanks her with his bare hand.

But it doesn’t end there. Mr. Ruppi introduces this misbehaving girl to an old school paddle, and a slick leather discipline strap.