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1 Marvins Garden
WhiteHall, IL 62092
Voice/Fax 1-614-465-3204
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All Ammunition customers must be: 21 years of age or older for pistol and 18 for long gun ammo, Never convicted of a felony; and have read, completed, and understand the following Ammunition Requirements. All first time ammunition customers (who are not Licensed FFL Dealers) must Fax, Email, or Mail a copy of his/her State issued Drivers License or State Identification to verify date of birth. This must be completed with in ten days of the time order is placed*. If your State of Residence requires a separate state issued license to purchase ammunition, then a copy of this state issued document must be faxed before an order for ammunition will be processed. When faxing, mailing, or emailing your Ammunition order Requirements, please include your order number. Please send the above information to:

Mail: Mike Holtorf. 1 Marvins Garden, WhiteHall, IL 62092

Fax: 1-888-563-6327


*Orders will not be processed without the proper Identification information received. **If you wish to ensure a speedy processing of your order, you may email our sales staff to verify whether this information is already on file for you. If you have ordered before we have your year of birth on file.

ALASKA CUSTOMERS: No direct ammunition sales. All ammunition shipments must go through a freight forwarder.

CALIFORNIA CUSTOMERS: No sales of ammunition delivered to the counties of Marin, Napa, and San Francisco. No ammunition delivered to the Cities of: Berkley, Carson, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento and San Francisco. No high capacity magazine exceeding 10rds sales to anyone or dealer in CA. Check for other Local & State laws before ordering.

CONNECTICUT CUSTOMERS: A legible copy of state issued identification and one of the following is required to purchase ammunition: ĽA valid CT permit to carry a pistol or revolver OR ĽA valid CT long gun eligibility certificate OR ĽA valid CT ammunition certificate

HAWAII CUSTOMERS: No direct ammunition sales. All ammunition shipments must go through a freight forwarder.

ILLINOIS CUSTOMERS: Must have current copy of FOID card and State Photo Identification, No sales of ammunition and/or magazines to the City of Chicago.

MASSACHUSETTS CUSTOMERS: No sales of ammunition.

NEW JERSEY CUSTOMERS: Firearms/Ammunition identification card must accompany ammunition orders for first time.

NEW YORK CUSTOMERS: No consumer sales of ammunition. We ship ammunition orders only to FFL Dealers or NY State licensed re-sellers of ammunition .

WASHINGTON DC CUSTOMERS: No Sales of any products.

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