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James Island Piper
Donald E. Seatter
607 Catbird Retreat
Charleston, SC 29412

843-795-8576(office) 843-830-1208(cell)




Using the Site - Helpful Tips

There are significant improvements in this new site.  Just scan through the topics below to learn how to get the optimum experience from your visit here.

 Product Views
  At the top of each page of product views, there are now options for how the products are displayed. 

For viewing more pipes quickly, change from LIST VIEW to THUMBNAIL VIEW by clicking on the icon with the 4 boxes.  To go back to List View, click the icon with the 2 boxes.

You may also change the number of pipes shown in the view with the LIST PER PAGE drop down selection box.

The products may also be listed by price by changing the SORT BY selection.

 Featured Products
  The home page now has a display of selected pipes.  This replaces the New Additions function on the previous site and is much easier to access.  Come back often to quickly see what's new or on special.

 Navigating through product categories
  This functionality is also vastly improved requiring fewer clicks than in the past.  The categories menu items in the left column expand to show all sub-categories with each selection made.  Navigation can then go to another level or back up to the level desired.

At each level, there is a display of pipes and the options for viewing explained above.

There are also "Breadcrumb" links provided at the top of each display page.

 Search Capabilityx
  The search looks at both the title and the description fields for matches to the term entered. 

For example, entering "smooth classic shape" returns multiple pipes with those terms across all categories.

 More detail on an item
  Clicking on the IMAGE of the pipe, the TITLE of the item or the LEARN MORE button displays another page with larger photos of the item.

From this display, the item can be ADDED TO THE CART. There is also a link to a form to ask a question about the item if the detail is not sufficient for making a decision.

NOTE:  If the item is no longer available, the word SOLD appears below the thumbnail image and the add-to-cart function is disabled.



  Copyright - James Island Piper

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