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6. Arabic-English Dictionary on DVD ROM
Now Available on 1 DVD ROM/ Lane's Arabic English Lexicon. All 8 Volumes
now available on One DVD (Pdf File) PC compatible.
An excellent aid for Learning Arabic Language
and for finding root for Arabic words in the Language.
A monumental work and contribution by Edward W.Lane to the Arabic Language..
$ 19.95         

1. A Code of the Teaching of Al-Quran
A Code of the The teaching of The Al-Quran By Muhammad Sharif Chaudhry. Hardbound 640 Pages + Index.
Reg. $39.95
$ 24.95               More Information

Learn The Language of The Holy Quran
Learn The Language of the Holy Quran: This book will benefit those whose native language is NOT Arabic.
The author uses Quranc verse and Passages to illustrate the rules of Arabic Grammar and more
Author: Dr. Abdullah Abbas Nadwi
412 Pages. $19.95
$ 19.95               More Information

Holy Quran Yusuf Ali Translation Pocket Size/Arabic with English
Holy Quran/Arabic with Side by Side English Translation by Yusuf Ali.
Pocket Size in Golden Zipper Case
Easy to Carry
Size 4 1/2" X 5 1/2"
$ 12.50               More Information

Holy Quran-Arabic Text-Translation & Transliteration & Commentary 01-0001B
Three Column Holy Quran Arabic Text, English Translation and Transliteration. Translation By Yusuf Ali. (NEW EDITION) Hardbound
$ 30.00               More Information

Holy Quran-Arabic/Pocket Size in Zipper Case
Complete Holy Quran in Arabic Only/Pocket Size in Zipper Case.
Size 3 1/2" Wide X 5 1/2" High
$ 19.95               More Information

Holy Quran-with Arabic Text-Its English Translation & Commentary/Y.Ali 01-0001
Holy Quran-Original Arabic Text with
English Translation and Commentary by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.
Full Size Edition.
Sturdy Binding
$ 29.95               More Information

In the shade of the Quran 01-0006B
In the Shade of the Quran by Sayyid Qutb. Hardbound-366 Pages. $12.00
$ 12.00               More Information

Noble Quran in Spanish & Arabic
Traduccion-Comentario-DEL NOBLE CORAN- Arabic with side by side Spanish Translation. Spanish translation by Abdel Ghani Melara Navio. Hard Bound Gold Embossed Giftable Edition/
861 Pages/Printed on Super White Pages. 8 1/2 X 5 1/2" X 1 1/2" Thick.
$ 29.95               More Information

Noble Quran-Traduccion Comentada (Spanish Only))
El-Coran-Traduccion Comentada. Spanish Translation of the Quran by Abdelghani Melara Navio. Paperbound. 577 Pages.
$ 9.95               More Information

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