DVD Remastered Difference

Sky King DVD Remasters StudioAs the owners of Sky King Productions, we have access to the original film. Therefore, our DVD quality surpasses all others. We hired Video Engineers who used a variety of their state-of-the-art digital hardware and software tools, to produce a crisp, sharp restoration of all 72 original Sky King episodes in DVD format.

With newly created duplicate negatives from the original Broadcast Masters, we implemented advanced processing methods to achieve a new high-definition digital transfer. While maintaining an optimal image quality throughout the compression process, the picture was encoded on the DVD at the highest-possible bit rate. We diminished any video flicker, instability, scratches, dirt and grain.

Sky King DVD Remasters StudioAdditionally, we hired Sound Engineers who used the most sophisticated audio technology available to reduce noise of any kind, such as hiss, pops, crackles and clicks. The Engineers reproduced every one of the 72 Sky King episodes into crystal clear re-masters, for the only true quality version in a box. We guarantee you that you will not find the official, original, complete Sky King series of a better video and audio quality!

TVThere will be no need to adjust your television controls, only to be disappointed. All you will have to do is… make the popcorn, crawl into the ol’ man’s easy chair, and…. enjoy the dog gone show!