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Black Padded Dressage Bridle with Flash and Crank Nose-band
Compare at $180.00+. 
Soft and Supple! The nose-band and brow-band lining
feel like butter! Fully Padded nose-band and brow-band. 
$ 119.00       Size:               More Information

Black/Purple Fully Rolled Bridle/Padded Noseband w/flash
MSRP 199.99 
Very nicely done with Purple leather lining on the padded noseband. Flash and Crank Noseband. Complete with 
matching rolled end reins.
$ 119.00       Size:               More Information

Double/Full/Weymouth Rolled Bridle with Padded Noseband
Compare at $300.00+
Handmade by Königleder Reitsport.
Save BIG! Limited Quantity Available.
$ 159.00       Size:               More Information

Elegantly Rolled Black bridle
MSRP-$179.99 Fullly Rolled Bridle
Matching rolled end 
Reains included!
Save big! Show off that doll head.
$ 129.00       Size:               More Information

Rolled Dressage Bridle w/Padded Noseband
MSRP $199.99-Handmade Fully Rolled Bridle
With matching rolled end reins.
by Königleder Reitsport.
$ 149.00       Size:               More Information