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Punishment at Ninja River
3 American strip club girls experience frightful, painful and degrading punishments after accepting jobs dancing in an Asian country.
$ 49.95               More Information

Border Guard Blisterings (DVD)
Two pretty American girls end up on the wrong side of the law in Eastern Europe. They are put behind bars but not before they suffer forced nakedness and hard wodden ruler spankings while restrained.

Both young prisioners learn that disobedience is not tolertated in this institution when they are unmercifully spanked with a large wooden chlothesbrush.

A female staff member is also spanked with the same implement, but much more severely. She cries and begs to no avail!
$ 49.95               More Information

Czech Brutal 1: ''Night of Beating'' (DVD)
NOW ON DVD! Exclusively offered by Raven Hill Studios.
One of the more stunning, and severe spanking videos EVER!

* Crystal-clear, high-quality, detailed picture
* Improved digital audio
* Extra Czech-made spanking footage and highlights

Visit the VHS version listed for further description of this video.
$ 49.95         

Annikka's Demerits

Three military school girls find life at the base consists of strict rules, and stinging, bare-bottommed punishment!

Watch as cute cadets get stripped, then get spanked, hairbrush spanked and caned until their bottoms are glowing.
$ 49.95               More Information

Abduction, Part 1
Format: DVD

Innocent, gullible young girls are forcibly kdnapped and forced into filthy7 prostitution. Watch as their sadistic pimp makes them perform the most degrading sexual acts, then whips them savagely when they momentarily refuse his demented demands.
$ 49.95         

Shame of Hasmabod
This movie has an intriging far eastern punishment theme. American girls working in a desert land where societal rules and cultural customs are very different, find that punishments for shoddy work are very severe and degrading.

Not only are they     thoroughly strapped and caned on a cold punishment table, the worst offenders are forced to perform sexual acts of the most embarrassingly intimate nature!
$ 49.95               More Information

'Czech Brutal I: ''Night of Beating'' (VHS)
Videotaped entirely in the Czech Republic.

This poor blonde girl has her bottom ripped into mincemeat by her punisher's cruel cane. One of the more intense punishment videos available anywhere. Sold exclusively by Raven Hill Studios.
$ 49.95               More Information

Czech Brutal 2: ''Ruining His Bad Girl's Rear'' (DVD)
Videotaped in the Czech Republic.

Ultra-severe spankings, canings and belt whippings given to screaming and crying young girl.
*Bonus DVD features
*Extra Czech spanking foottage
*Photo Gallery
$ 49.95               More Information

Border Guard Blisterings (VHS)
Learn about the kinds of spankings given to two American students, traveling abroad, after they are stopped at the border.

And, a sassy Border Guard Cadet is knocked down a few notches when her skirt is raised, and panties are lowered for a bruising, blistering spanking.
$ 49.95               More Information

'Czech Brutal II, ''Ruining His Bad Girl's Rear'' (VHS)
Videotaped Entirely in the Czech Republic.

A Czech madman decides his daughter needs some much stricter discipline than she's used to receiving.

This poor girl is stripped naked, then caned and leather strapped until she's howling at the top of her young lungs.

Another very severe offering from Eastern Europe.
$ 49.95               More Information

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