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Spanking Girls at the Bad House (VHS)
Reform House Girls are spanked hard.
$ 49.95               More Information

County Sheriff's Bad Girl Spankings, No. 2 (VHS)
Three more cute scofflaws choose spankings instead of community service in Sheriff Collin's office.

The most mature of the three is spanked hardest of all because of her age and reveals her private parts very openly during her punishment!
$ 49.95         

Co. Sheriff's Bad Girl Spankings 3: Paddled at the Ranch (DVD)

See movie description for VHS version.
$ 49.95               More Information

Belt Spankings at Reform House No.9 (VHS)
Girls who are locked up at this Reform House are here for one reason: They were BAD!

Watch them all get punished as naughty girls should, with severe spankings with the paddle, the cane and with good old leather belt butt whippings!
$ 49.95               More Information

Belt Spankings at Reform House No.9 (DVD)
Hard, intense canings, paddlings, and belt whippings, given to naked and nearly-naked female inmates.
*Bonus DVD features
*Spanking Photo Gallery

See expanded informationn at "Belt Spankings at Reform House 9" VHS version.
$ 49.95               More Information

County Sheriff's Bad Girl Spankings, No. 3 (VHS)
Paddled at the Ranch

More serious female offenders are often sent to Sheriff collin's Reformatory Ranch.

Three young criminals learn that disobedience and drug possesion have very unpleasant consequences. Hairbrush spankings, public OTK discipline, and naked canings are the price they have to pay!
$ 49.95         

Naked Violations (VHS)
Reform School administrators and staff have little patience with rule breakers. Three young girls earnestly wish they had never seen such an awful place where a mature girl can be spanked just like a naughty child!

Unwise insolence subjects these    three to canings, hairbrush spankings, naked restrained strappings, and sexual violation!
$ 49.95         

County Sheriff's Bad Girl Spankings, No. 1 (VHS)
Three attractive and repentant scofflaws pay for their misbehavior in the old fashioned way: Uncomfortable and embarrassing Bare-bottom spankings over the capable Sheriff's knee!

Each girl then gets a very ample number of hard paddle swats that has them up on their toes, squealing their heads off in no time at all!

Very pretty performers and red-hot spankings make this video lots of fun to watch!
$ 49.95         

Spanking Girls at the Bad House (DVD)
A naked catfight, and hard canings, hand spankings, and ruler spankings. Bonus DVD features, photo gallery, extra foottage, and more.

See expanded information at VHS description for "Spanking Girls at the Bad House"
$ 49.95               More Information

Reform House Punishments (VHS)
This is a good, solid, Reform School movie featuring fully naked girls strapped hard in nicely revealing positions,

It also has one of the best hairbrush spanking scenes we have ever filmed. Trustee Angela, gives it to them good with the back of that brush and they really let you know how it stings their bottoms. They howl out loud in protest, but she keeps right on spanking till their rears are bright red and the tears free-flowing!
$ 49.95         

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