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A Spanking From Mr. Ruppi (DVD)
It's Ass Blistering Time at the Plant!
Mr. Ruppi runs a tight ship at his business, and this little receptionist gets her tight bottom spanked hard for her transgressions.
$ 49.95               More Information

A Spanking Works Better - DVD
The Spanking Video that Started Raven Hill Studios!
Format: DVD

When his daughters ASK for spankings instead of groundings, this father drives home some very hard lessons.

Bonus DVD Features:

* Director's audio track, explaining scene set-up and obstacles
* Special mini-documentary on shooting the first Raven Hill movie
* Still photography gallery
* Promos
$ 49.95               More Information

A Spanking Works Better - VHS

Ever fantasize about watching the neighbor girls getting good hard spankings?

Daddy's two bratty daughters come up with a hairbrained plan to actually ask for spankings, instead of getting grounded for poor school grades.

Some hard butt    warmings, strappings and paddlings widen their eyes, and change their attitudes about spankings and school.

Watching this video is as much fun as spying on the girls yourself, through the blinds!
$ 49.95               More Information

Breaking Amy
It's Time for Amy's Boyfriend to "Firm Up" Their Relationship!

He's man enough to deliver strong, stinging bare-ass discipline to this little's tart. She won't sit down for a few days after his hand, a leather paddle, and the strap is taken to her. But she also gets some unexpected pussy punishment in the process!
$ 49.95               More Information

Caught and Spanked (DVD)

Vo-Tech girls, learning the construction trade, goof around at-the-construction site, until the foreman/instructer takes control.
$ 49.95               More Information

Daddy's Friend Spanks Harder (DVD)
When Daddy's Heart Just Isn't In It, His Drinking Buddy Friend Does the Deed, Spanking the Daylights Out of Little Shelly.
$ 49.95               More Information

Maid For Punishment
This attractive, but lazy maid gets her hide tanned by a very picky homeowner.
$ 49.95               More Information

Office Rules
When she accepted the job, Pam also accepted the terms of her employment which include spankings for office screw-ups.
$ 49.95               More Information

Spanked For Their Mischief
Sherries Unwelcomed Sexual Advances Get Her and Her Girlfriend Humiliated, Spanked, and Violated.
$ 49.95               More Information

The Forbidden Room
Fooling Around With Serious Discipline Equipment Lands Two Girls In Trouble with the Master of the House.
$ 49.95               More Information

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