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Resolved by Corporal Punishment 11: Hailey (VHS)
Format: VHS

Hailey used a friend's car without permission, and it got towed away!

The result was a Small Claims Court Case filed against her. We agreed to pay for the damages, if Hailey would consent to receiving three hard punishment-style spankings on camera.

She did, and she got spanked so hard, she actually vomited! It didn't matter to us. She got even more of a lickin' for it.

Our latest entry in the amazing REALITY SPANKING series.
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 26: Carrie
When Carrie abused her privileges at her job, it cost the company a sizeable amount.

Now, her boss is requesting that she pay it back, and will take an amount out of her next 6 paychecks to cover it. But Carrie can't afford to be shorted that amount of money each week. So, she's requesting Raven Hill Studios to get her out of debt before it escalates to a Small Claims Court matter.
The result, once again, is a settlement in which the obligation is paid (by us), Carrie is out of trouble, but
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 06: Lisa (VHS)

Lisa was facing Conciliation Court for cashing her boyfriend's check, and keeping the money! We put painful, stinging "end" to that bit of monkeyshine, using bare hand, a wooden spanking paddle, and a nice, smooth bamboo cane.
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 20: Allison
Reality Spankings!

Allison learns the hard way that part of the duties of renting a home is to take care of the pool!

Instead of going to small claims court, Allsion consents to receive spankings.
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 12: Sarah (VHS)
Same description as DVD version
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 01: Rachel (DVD)
Same as description for Resolved 01 Rachel VHS version
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 14: Jane (DVD)
Format: DVD

Watch this just-turned-18-year-old get the spankings of her life!

Extra DVD Advantages:
* Watch her get spanked from THREE different camera angles!
* Behind the scenes preparations for the spankings
* Footage of NAKED still photography session
* Candid, off camera remarks and reactions from Jane
* Still Photography Gallery, featuring spanking and nude photos
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 02: Debbie DOWNLOADABLE
Download the entire DVD, including swtchable camera angles and all bonus features.
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 09: Marissa (DVD)

Extra DVD Advantages:

* Watch the spankings from TWO different camera angles!
* Witness behind-the-scenes preparation
* Watch candid interviews
* See a revealing still photography session
* Feast your eyes on complete still photography gallery
* Extra footage, and more!

See description of the action below.
$ 49.95         

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 24: Leihla
DVD - Reality Spanking Series
Bonus Features include: 3 camera angles to choose from while viewing, behnd the scenes interviews and scenes, video of nude photo shoot, production stills, spanking video promos.

18-year old Leihla gets her spoiled ass spanked hard with hand, hairbrush and cane.
$ 49.95               More Information

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