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Spankings From Aunt Tina DVD
Bad Lad Entertainment
The Boys Get Spankings From the Girls!

Watch as three neighborhood brats finally push Aunt Tina and a visiting friend over the brink. Each is hand spanked until their asses are glowing red.

Next it's a strong dose of the    paddle, followed by good canings. One boy gets fucked right up his ass, for good measure!
$ 49.95               More Information

Punishment at Ninja River
3 American strip club girls experience frightful, painful and degrading punishments after accepting jobs dancing in an Asian country.
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 21: Brandyn
DVD - Reality Series
Bonus Features: 3 Camera Angles to choose from while viewing, interview sessions, video of nude photo shoot, still photo gallery, spanking promos

Watch Brandyn get spanked hard to keep out of Small Claims Court.
$ 49.95               More Information

Beach Girl Spankings 03 (DVD)
Real Life Spankings!

Same description as VHS version. DVD includes photo galleries and spanking promos.
$ 49.95         

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 18: Jenna - DVD
Format: DVD

Watch Jenna get out of going to court by submitting to harsh, bottom-welting spankings!

Watch from 3 different angles: Main Shot, Full Face, Full Bottom!
Bonus features: Photo gallery, nude video photo shoot,    interviews, pre and post punishment interviews, more.
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 22: Amanda
DVD - Reality Spanking Series
Bonus Features include 3 camera angles to choose from while viewing, behind the scenes interviews, video of nude photo shoot, production stills, spanking promos.

Amanda ran up a cell phone bill but can't pay. Instead of going to court, she gets her hide tanned real good!
$ 49.95               More Information

Beach Girl Spankings 04 (DVD)
Real Life Spankings!

Description is same as VHS version. DVD includes photo gallery and spanking promos.
$ 49.95         

Spanking Girls at the Bad House (DVD)
A naked catfight, and hard canings, hand spankings, and ruler spankings. Bonus DVD features, photo gallery, extra foottage, and more.

See expanded information at VHS description for "Spanking Girls at the Bad House"
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 25: Savannah
When floral arrangements Savannah was contracted to provide were not up to snuff, her client filed a Small Claims Court suit to get their deposit money back. Instead of going to the judge, Savannah has decided to let Raven Hill Studios satisfy the complaint for her, and in return, submits to 3 very intense spankings. The result is a repentant Savannah, with a red and purple ass to complement her green thumb!
$ 49.95               More Information

Resolved by Corporal Punishment 19: Lynn
Reality Spankings!

Country Girl Lynn gets her spanking memories refreshed when she chooses punishment at Raven Hill instead of facing small claims court.
$ 49.95               More Information

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