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Shame of Hasmabod

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Raven Hill Studios reveals an alarming, distrubing and quite perverted punishment practice, begun centuries ago. It is a practice that not only sujects deserving servant girls to harsh, completely naked strappings and canings, but actually, according to legend, sullies the punished girl with a mark of eternal disgrace.
Here, roughly translated from ancient verse, is the declaration of punishment:
" summon a man condemned for the most offensive of crime, and, in the hours before his     death, require he to lash the evil from three daughters who lie prone and naked for their transgressions. Require he, as ell, to complete his life by tainting the face of the punished one with his unholy and filthy seed, so that the Shame of Hasmabod shall sully and sigrace [said] daughter for all the years before her call to high."
In some isolated circles, the Shame of Hasmabod is still practiced today.
In this dramatic presentation of the centuries-old, barbaric ritual, you will see:
* Three young women indicted for their ineptitude as servant girls
* Each completely stripped naked, and bound by ropes to a solid-wood punishment "altar"
* A drugged and crazed criminal, condemned to morning execution, allowed to fill his last hours with the brutalization and humiliation of three naked girls.
* Relentless administration of leather lashes, striping cane strokes, ass spreading and ass probing of each girl
* The condemned man's slimy cock stuffed into the unwilling mouth of the daughter to be sullied
* Tears of pain, humiliation and sigust as the daughter is mouth-fucked for a long period of time
* The daughter's contorted face, held firmly in place, accepting a full load of dirty, criminal sperm, blasted from the condemned's cock
and yes,
the hanging of the condemned at dawn's first light.
This is an outragious spanking movie. Do not miss viewing this tape.