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Expand beyond Bonanza and stop paying unnecessary fees on Google sales


Use PrestoStore instead of Bonanza to sell direct to Google shoppers and pay no additional fees.
Bonanza directs many shoppers to your booth with "Google Product Ads."  However, you can sell directly to these same Google shoppers yourself, and pay no "final offer" or other transaction fees.
PrestoStore promotes your items in Google, just like Bonanza:
All your PrestoStore listings are submitted to Google Shopping.
Unlike Bonanza, there are no additional fees for advertising on Google or on any PrestoStore sale.
Start building your own brand instead of Bonanza's.  Only your items appear in your PrestoStore - and never any third-party ads!
Why not sell directly to new and repeat customers, eliminating the additional fees on each sale?  Continue with Bonanza as well, if you wish.


Special Bonanza offer: we'll setup your PrestoStore and provide 30 days of service for just $10.
We'll copy your items for you (from Bonanza) and open your PrestoStore for 30 days for just $10.  Then, PrestoStore is just $29.95 per month.  Cancel anytime - your included domain name is yours to keep.

List and sell as much as you want for 30 days for just $10! 
This offer is available only by clicking here!


Do you specialize selling a specific type of item?

PrestoStore operates several "specialty marts", targeting the unique needs of your buyers.
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