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Promote your items for sale in PrestoMart

PrestoStore lists your items for sale in our established, search engine friendly shopping network.
Since 2005, PrestoMart has been the exclusive marketplace for PrestoStore and PrestoBiz sellers.  PrestoMart lists hundreds of thousands of items for sale in dozens of categories.
PrestoMart drives traffic from Google Shopping, search engine optimization techniques with Google, Yahoo! and Bing, and returning shoppers.
Sellers who list in PrestoMart may continue to list elsewhere; we encourage listings in multiple shopping network without penalty.
There are no additional listing or final-value fees to sell your items in PrestoMart.
All shopper traffic sent directly to your web store for order processing.


PrestoMart also provides additional listings in our growing network of "Specialty Marketplaces", targeting the unique needs of specialty sellers such as hobbyists or vintage sellers.  Simply list your items once in PrestoMart, select your specialty, and our system places your items throughout our network.

List your items for sale in PrestoStore to promote your listings in PrestoMart


Do you specialize selling a specific type of item?

PrestoStore operates several "specialty marts", targeting the unique needs of your buyers.
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